Electronic Archiving

The Problem

In every business there are documents that you must keep either for future reference or legal reasons. This can mean needing to store a significant number of documents, which can lead to the following problems:

  • Large amount of physical storage space required
  • Unable to efficiently source documents when you need them
  • Fire risk and potential legal implications

The DWS Solution

At Docnoil Solutions, we can provide you with simple solutions to these problems and help you to achieve a paper free office. Dependent on your situation and following our free, initial consultation with you, we will recommend the best hardware and software solutions to suit your needs, so you can:

  • Capture your data by scanning your documents into your system and manage them from that point
  • Easily search through your documents using a simple user interface
  • Move documents and file them on your system as you wish

So whether you need to scan numerous forms, invoices, collect questionnaires, refer to existing customer files or legal documentation, DWS can provide you with a cost-effective, simple document scanning and workflow solution that will also give you more office space, no risk and peace of mind.