Physical Archiving

Efficient document management.
Always on the safe side: With professional physical archiving you always have control over who accesses what and when – authorized access is secured by electronically readable stickers.
Our physical archiving services include:

  • Management of the physical archives (on-site and externally)
  • Storage in a protected environment
  • Control over incoming and outgoing paper files
  • Secure access by authorized group of persons
  • Correct and secure disposal on expiry of the storage period

In addition to physical archiving, important documents can be scanned and added into the document management systems. We offer various models depending on requirements. The following aspects are relevant in this regard:

  • Carrier medium (paper, microfilm, etc.)
  • Access options (manual, semi-automated, automated, etc.)
  • Storage duration
  • Security levels and requirements
  • Volumes
  • Storage type
  • Indexing level
  • Document type and structure

Make sure your archiving meets the highest demands in terms of confidentiality, quality and security.